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Composition of the Classroom

Each classroom is equipped with a State Certified Teacher.   The average class size is 16 students, and the student-teacher ratio is 16:1.

Staff Position Credentials
Mr. Ernest L. Thompson, III
Interim Principal M.A. Teaching
B.S. Biology
Ms. Lila Powell Administrative Assistant B.S. Psychology
Ms. Kel-e Johnson
Kindergarten Teacher B.S. Elementary Education
Mr. Jerry Wooden
Kindergarten Teacher M.E. Reading
B.S. Early Childhood Education
Ms. Celestine Morris 1st Grade Teacher B.S. Elementary Education
Ms. Helen Washington 1st Grade Teacher B.A. Political Science
Ms. Lesia Hill
2nd Grade Teacher B.S. Early Childhood Education
Ms. Kimberly Eberwein 3rd Grade Teacher  B.S. Early Childhood Education
Ms. Rezlyn Wilson 3rd Grade Teacher B.S. Elementary Education
M.A. Teaching
Ms. Karrian M. Hood 4th/5th Grade Teacher
M.S. Education
B.S. Education
Ms. Phyllis Harris-Stewart Resource Teacher Music M. S. Music and Theater
B. A. Music and Theater
Ms. Yvonne Thomas
Resource Teacher Art/Technology B.A. Studio Arts, and History  M.A. Leadership in Teaching
Ms. Theresa Wachuku Resource Teacher Library B.A. Early Childhood Education M.S. Reading
Mr. James Johnson Instructional Assistant     Resource Teacher Christian Education A.A. Early Childhood Education
Ms. Yvonne Kennedy Instructional Assistant High School Diploma
College Attendee
Mr. Dennis Spencer Physical Education Teacher BS Physical Education

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